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Random  Thing 7/29/2012
OMG! I saw very very cute guy last night on the train. Cute as in cupid arrow went across and through my heart. And of course he then went ahead and kissed the other guy. I came alive and went dead all in less than 2 minutes... He could have kept my illusion alive at least for an half an hour of train ride.
 Random  Thing  for 4/29/2012
The Italian Job (2003): Thoughts. I loved the movie but for all the wrong reasons.
(i) They almost broke the fourth wall.  No actually it was a transparent fourth wall. The computer guy only stopped short from winking at the audience when his dream stereo system came on.
(ii) I thought it was weird that the daughter and the Bridger guy both were in love with Marky mark. (I understand they were trying to show father-son love but... You know where I am going with this, don't you?
(iii) What's up with smiling? There are other ways to show close friendship between characters than stupid grinning at every other scene. They gave a feel and look of a bunch of happy go lucky campers, hikers?, road trippers? anything but group of a criminals trying to rob $$ worth of gold. Jason Statham kept this serious macho guy shit for a while but then the director was like if you don't show friendship with others by smiling randomly, you will be deported to Norton's side and feed into compacter. So he started smiling stupidly too... in a Heist movie! Did I mention that? Speaking of Norton's character,
(iv) When the Ukrainian mafia tells him that he will be fed in the compactor, his reaction was like oh! how inconvenient. I will miss tomorrow's whatever! Not like, shit, I am going to die a violent death! Almost like, hey audience, don't worry!
It's just a stupid heist movie about fatherly and brotherly love. I am not going to die.
I was still entertained though. So, yes I liked it for all wrong reasons, ;)
 Random  thing for  2/12/2012
A truly weird guy I met when I was trying to find a place to rent...
He was like straight out of Gotham City (Batman's home town) and the look was not at all intentional. There was something natural and unnatural all at the same time! He had long narrow face and a pointy long nose to match and small fast moving eyes behind glasses like of Cillian Murphy in Batman begins. His hair, don't know how to describe. Hair color dirty blond, length up to shoulder, texture like wiry curly but so much volume like afro. Now I know that's hard to imagine. Wiry hair tends to be spread out and not massive and freezy like that. Afro hair tends to be short but his were long! oh and there was a parting in the middle so that gave appearance of orderly hair but only for a second. Also pointy blonde beard and thin mustache. All this natural. Now clothes, black half sleeve undershirt, a dark green vest that is longer in front and black pants with silver button studded high boots! He would not stop tapping his foot on the side of couch. OMG! I so wanted take his picture!
I found myself looking at him throughout the evening and found that he was always looking at me too. ARGH! I tried not to look at him because obviously that's bad form. I went around and somehow he would end up in front of me every time. You can't blame me for that! oh and he does sensual massages for gay men. I am not really sure what that means really. Then he said he is Bi. Ah, Berkeley.

 Random Thing for 3/16/2011
Is so distressed that you'd think somebody broke her heart but doctor said it is just a normal heartburn. Well, I was really hoping for the jump start of my literary carrier.

 Random Thing for 3/5/2011
I am trying to study yo! Just like last October and it's not working just like last October! :(

My brain is cluttered with way too many (four but really important ones and fifth being my intestine competing with my brain for blood) things. Now I have only one gear "go" (sorry for jumping on to Charlie bandwagon) or I should say one dimensional gear. Its 110% efficient when it's got only one goal to achieve but when it comes to handling more than one fronts at once, the teeth does not mesh and it tumbles headlong.

All the issues are time sensitive and yet long term. It's not like I can finish one and tuck it the corner never to see it again. Honestly I would conquer the world if that's only issue to overcome

Must develop living in the nano-moment skill. I tend to give up and descend into procrastination which of course adds fuel into the fire or more appropriately blows out the ignition. Need a turbocharger my for my brain.

Random Thing for 2/19/2011

The worst day of my entire life. Keeping my fingers crossed. That is all I will say right now. May be one day my misfortune let me write a funny blog post. Right now it looks kinda bleak. Nobody told me that being grown up sucks. :(

Oh hell with the misfortune.

You know me, I can't end anything on dark note. Here are the perks of being grown up.

1. You could eat only cream and throw away biscuits/cookies from the cream biscuits/cookie!
2. You can eat Bournvita (Chocolate flavored malt drink powder that you add in milk to bribe kids) on its own, without milk! Nobody tells you your teeth will rot black.
3. You can eat maggi every single day of the week!
4. Junk food and no vegetables!
5. Nobody tells you to finish all the food from your dish.
6. I am sure there are perks that do not involve food but right now I can't think any them. If you can think any write them in the comment section of the last post.

Random Thing for 1/15/2011
I can hear termites and smell dust!
I think the medication has given me super powers. The pain is gone but the noise and smells are amplified like 100 times!

Random Thing for 12/31/2010

Transcript of phone call to my brother:
Background: He commented "Nice pic" on some girl's picture on FB.  So of course I had to call him and "inquire" The whole conversation happened in Gujarati, my native language.
Me: Hey what's up buddy? [In a special tone reserved for such occasions]
Him: oi! She is my friend only. She is got BF anyway ok?
Me: *crackling laugh*  arhm, I did not even say anything! 
Him: I know you were going to ok? You are not allowed, remember mom said so.
Me: ok. ok. How's study going?
Him: *boring answer* *some question or other about my work*
Me: so you like her?
Him: No I don't.  
Me: but you said so.
Him: No I didn't! I am not talking to you anymore!
Me: No, No I was kidding.
Him: I don't like it. 
Me: ok ok. 
*Some boring chat about what he should be doing next, school or job and other equally boring stuff*
Me: Is she in your school?
Him: No in my homework study group.
Me: Aha! Assignments and homeworks! I knew it!
Him: I am deleting you on FB.
Me:*in overly dramatic voice*  Nooooooooooooooooo! You can't do that to me. I am your sister!
Him: Look I will if you won't stop.
Me: ok no more. promise.
Him: really?
Me: *In a serious tone* Really. You are the only brother I have. 
Him: ... [skeptical silence]
Me: She is not that pretty. I like the last one better.
Him: *yelling* Mom! I am hanging up.
Mom in background: No! Let me talk to her.
Mom to me: oi! leave him alone.
Me: *laughing*
Mom: How did you know anyway?
Me: Facebook
Mom: face what?!
Me: Internet.
Mom: You know oi, I am learning internet. Then I am going to terrorize you just like you are doing to your brother.
Me: Oh. Who is teaching you?!
Her: your brother.
Me: how's that going? Is he cursing yet?
Her: Hey smartypents watch your mouth. OK, I admit, it's tough... Not for me, for him! *ha ha*
I can hear my brother saying something in background.
Mom: I am going to make you my friend on FB. *Suddenly to my brother*, why?! She is my daughter. I don't want her to be my friend! I don't want any of you as my friends. I can barely handle you as my kids. You will chew me out like a raw carrot if I upgrade your status to friends! Him: Mom! just say that to her! On the internet. On the internet. ARGH!
Me: *laughing uncontrollably* No way! I won't.
[They must have turned on the speaker]
My Brother: YES!!! I am making her profile right now! I swear to god I am going to teach her internet even if that means that I implode! You wait just two more months oi.
Me: ok good night now.
My brother: *insane laugh*

Random Thing for 12/30/2010

Talk about misleading signs!
I wanted to go swimming, found decent pool, called for hours. Got message listing hours for each day of week. Wednesday recreational laps 7 to 8 pm. Got there 6:45 it is open and kids are swimming. No body is at front desk. Found signs all over the place listing the same hours. Most people left at 7, some are lounging around. Still nobody at front desk. Finally asked the life guard kid (barely 14) who was leaving. Where, who to pay. He says that nobody at front desk means they canceled the laps! I called the City number that I got from the original number (they graciously said if you need more information call this other number) for the correct schedule. Got another message saying that everybody is on furlow until January 5th. So he will answer the messages on January 6th!
Recap: Misleading signs by telephone and everywhere, pool is open at said hour, but nobody is there to manage. There is no way to contact them until a week later!
I should have left the note instead of just swearing at my car. It is like they wanted patron to experience crushing disappointment. They bait you in every possible way, then crush you like a mosquito! That will teach you sucker!:evil:  That is pool’s face not mine. Mine was and is: :X

Random Thing for 12/22/2010

I have to share this. I usually go to this food joint once a week. I pretty much order the same thing: burrito and taco. Both vegetarian of course.They don’t list it but always replace meat with beans. I ordered the same at lunch and told them vegetarian, server told me that they will replace the meat with beans. I said yes. Then I got my food and I decided to eat right there as I was starving. I tarted eating burrito. I was texting and was not at all paying attention about what I am eating. Suddenly there was weird sensation in my mouth. Turned out cook had not replaced beef with beans. I lost my appetite completely. They apologized and made me new burrito as taco was fine.
I feel so bad (?). I don’t even know what I feel. I know I am really upset. I threw away new burrito and taco. I am not mad at the cook or server though. I don’t know who I am mad at.

I always thought I could be non vegetarian if I want to. This experience proves me wrong. It is not like I feel bad because I am afraid that I did something wrong and will be punished. (religion POV you know) First I know it was totally an accident. Second, it is not like some immoral act.
I can’t get it over though, I want to throw up and reverse it. Not rational and not at all like me. Who knew roots could be so powerful. I don’t like this feeling.
Sorry if its TMI.

Random Thing for 12/20/2010
Decision is in!
I am already obsessing over the black swan so it was not a hard decision. I mean already have read 24 reviews on this movie and I know every single of spoilers. So does it matter if I will be obsessing over it for few more days after I watch it? might get a post out of it, who knows!
So that's what I am doing for the Christmas. Watching a psychotic, visceral reaction inducing movie (or so I have heard).

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Random Thing for 12/9/2010

How to Say "YOGA"
It is not pronounced yoga. It is pronounced YOG. The "a" at the end of the word is there to put emphasis on "g" sound. That is, it is pronounced fully. The English speaking majority tends to put lesser emphasis on the last syllable. The most Indian, Sanskrit based languages, put equal emphasis on the last syllable too. So let's say together, YOG. One more time YOG.
See there you go! Not so tough. Is it? So next time when somebody asks where are you going, what are you gonna say? YOG classes. Awesome! You are THE BEST

Random Thing for 12/7/2010

Kids are so crafty these days! I was at the mall window shopping on the other day. I saw this 3-4 years girl running and laughing and pointing. Seemed very excited. She passed by this Coke vending machine and then turned around. Suddenly she was coughing and kind of choking. I am like OMG. Her mom appeared and the girl started pointing towards the vending machine. Her mom was like ok I know your trick but I would not let you make a scene. Here take a coke and quit fake-choking. The girl said she wanted sprite! Gotta say that the small girl's performance was flowless!

 Random thing for 12/6/2010

Ok I confess I am guilty of putting Justin timberlake’s ‘Rock your body” on a repeat loop at my friend’s house. In my defense we were doing math homework and I did not even know that there was music playing. Suddenly my friend snatched my notebook from my lap and dramatically stopped the music. I am like what is your problem? This seemingly sent him into hysterics. I remember thinking, he is going to smash my computer on floor or break into sobs. He is like MY PROBLEM? MY PROBLEM? You are the one who is playing Justin Timberlake’s song for 100th time! I am like alright, alright I am sorry! Calm down and please return my notebook unharmed. I won’t ever listen to Justin Timberlake please. I promise.

Don’t get me wrong, I still do this but in privacy of my home. Where no one would judge me, even if I listen to Kayne West on repeat.
Look, sometimes I hate myself too ok?

Random thing for 12/5/2010

I heard some kind of skit on NPR about Christmas tree as a treat for upcoming holidays. It was a conversation between two trees, one was male and the other female. The female tree was ugly (not developed) and male tree was magnificent. How I know this? That was the conversation between the two and there was a joke about back cleavage somehow describing female tree's deformity. As I said the female tree was ugly because it had shriveled up trunk and branches but they described it with a back cleavage! ugh! The tone of the whole conversation was sad because they were uprooted from their home and would be cared for/ lighted up until only Christmas. They had jokes in it to prevent it from being too sad in the light of holidays. Well, the tastelessness of jokes only served to make it morbidly sadder. No, actually disgustingly sadder. That is THE WORST kind of emotion the drama can induce if you think about it.
So for the holiday spirit they decided to talk about ugliness, morbidity of life which was sprinkled with thinly veiled description about sex between conversing trees. They tried to describe pain and hurt of human life by depicting some hybrid creature that has half of the characteristics of a trees and half of those of humans. It failed so miserably. They would be better off using trees as metaphor, either completely as trees themselves or completely morphed into humans. The hybrid of two was so ugly and vomit inducing! Whoever wrote that piece, I hate him. I'd provide more info about who and what but that performance invokes such a fury in me, I am not going to find out and provide free publicity.
ok somebody called Guy voiced male tree. That is all I have.

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