The chosen one!

Short post. Basically a tweet.
I am buying a bike and they are paying me to ride one! 
So one fine morning State called me and said: You are the chosen one! You are a good person and we want you to save the environment! I said: well, I do want to save the mother nature. They said: There you go! We knew you are the one, from the minute we had a glimpse of your name in in our applications amidst thunder and lightening! go! get a bike and report to us, o'chosen one! I said: well, fine. if you insist. They say: Do not despair o' chosen one, we will pay you 49 cents/mile and compensate for accessories! I said: Mother nature is precious we should save her and sigh left me. They said: o'chosen one for you, and only for you! We will pay for your public transport expense too! 
Mother nature loves me and I love her back!
Pat on my back!
Thank you!
yeah, yeah, there are fine prints like this is a starter incentive for three months only, reward/compensation are limited to $100 maximum and I have to sacrifice two Saturdays but who is counting teeth of donated cow? not me!

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  1. wow, that is a great programme. I get a bit sad at the lack of official environmental measures here, though I know it depends on where you live and who you are. oi, you amaze me. you are always so positive. I need some of your fire. my two strongest influences are fire and water, but sometimes I think the water drowns me, even though the fire should be stronger (astrologically speaking). hope you're having fun. it's a bit too hilly here for me to ride the bikes, but I am walking and bussing it. even so, the buses are good, but could be better to outlying areas.


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