Aamir khan as a collegian?

3 idiots! oh that hype has scared me out of wits. I have not watched the movie yet. but the hype!! omg!
i am not sure if I want to watch it. The bigger the hype bigger the disappointment. ok now title(of the post dear) why I am so sure that I will be disappointed? because Aamir khan and R.Madhavan are playing collegians!!! Would it get any stupider than that? 40 years old people who should do art movies only are playing collegians. I know young Indians are not interested in politics that's why we have to endure 80 years old scrooges/stooges as politicians!!( oh yeah i know Rahul Gandhi is young but his qualification is his last name any surprise that he can't lead the country and please do not remind me that drug addict Rahul Mahajan who appears in some trash reality TV) but come on! can't you find young actors to play i don't know young role??

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  1. Though I did nt like movie and disappointed as u expected I do nt agree wid u. wat u r saying negative point is actual strength of Amir Khan. what does actor mean? he is a good artist dats why can mimic even 16 yr old.If we are lacking young politicians we hav many young blooded in film industry (frm ranbir, neil to name a few).For amir khan its achivement to get such role at such age. not just this, dil chahta hai, rang de basanti to say. Still not recommend to watch movie. if needed detailed review contact me.


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